Friends at Felix – June 2023

Felix Farm is the friendliest fishery that I have ever visited. A typical example of this happened the first time I fished there, when a lady angler out in one of the boats appeared to be playing a fish every time I glanced in her direction.

Back on the bank, when I politely asked her what fly had done the damage, she simply snipped it off her leader and presented it to me. It was a hand-tied variation of a Cats Whisker, and has caught me lots of hard-fighting Felix trout to over 6lb. I have also caught on the ever-reliable damsels, plus buzzers and dry flies.

I have met, and made friends with anglers from all walks of life at Felix, where you can fish under the watchful eye of red kites, buzzards and kestrels.

It really is a true haven for wildlife. If you’re lucky, you may spot a deer emerge from the woods to drink the water that is home to beautifully conditioned rainbow, brown, blue and spartic trout. And, as an extra incentive, every stocking includes some huge bonus fish nudging double figures.

You are assured of a warm welcome from Rob and his two bailiffs, Ray and Pete, who will always point you in the right direction re fly choice, tactics etc.


Nigel Botherway

Presenter of Fisherman’s Blues on talkSPORT

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