These rules are set  to ensure that Felix Farm Trout Fishery maintains a safe  environment and continues to offer a  high level of service and  facilities.  Everyone who  fishes or visits the lake – seasoned  anglers,  guests  and  novices – should  respect  the  habitat,  the wildlife and other anglers, so that everyone can thoroughly enjoy their fly fishing experience.

  • All anglers fishing this water do so at their own risk and must take adequate safety precautions for themselves and others at all times when fishing from the bank, platforms or boats
  • Felix Farm Trout Fishery is not liable for any damage, loss or injury to any angler or their  belongings incurred whilst on the site.
  • Headwear and protective glasses are mandatory.
  • Buoyancy jackets are available from the lodge and are to be worn at the anglers own discretion when using boats.
  • No children allowed without adult supervision.
  • All anglers must hold a current EA rod licence.
  • All anglers must sign in and pay the correct fee before fishing.
  • All anglers must  complete catch returns including nil fish before leaving the fishery.
  • Single fly only. No droppers. No bite indicators.
  • Boats are to be moored to buoys whilst fishing; absolutely no fishing whilst moving.
  • All brown trout must be returned to the water and not killed
  • Catch and release is allowed
  • All litter including waste line must be placed in the waste bins provided. All litter and discarded fishing material is to be removed from boats and properly disposed of.
  • The bailiff has the authority to inspect catches at random.
  • Dogs – Only good natured, people-friendly dogs are welcome and they must be kept under control at all times.They are not allowed into the lodge, to chase the wildlife and any mess they make must be cleaned up and removed from the site.


A vaild Environment Agency rod licence is required to use the fishery, which can be purchased at the below link or at most Post Offices:
Please read the complete set of rules, available in the lodge.