The Lake









Now fishing superbly well having been stocked heavily for the winter season, come & join us for a great day out!

When catch limit is reached Fishing must STOP until a new ticket is purchased.

No Catch And Release Allowed except on Brown Trout over 3lbs

The mature, natural spring fed 8 acre lake is bordered by fields and woodlands and features both shallow and deep water swims ranging from 3ft to 28ft deep. The water can be fished from bank or boat; from the open, more accessible meadow bank; one of the 6 fishing platforms positioned along the wooded bank or from one of the 6 stable Cormorant rowing boats.


There is plenty of wild life in and around Felix Farm.

Bird life frequenting the lake include Kingfisher, Coot, Grebe, Moorhen, Swan, Egyptian Geese, Tufted Duck, Canada Geese, Heron, Mallard, Pochard, Snipe, plus a whole range of buntings and finches. Birds of prey are regularly seen - Buzzard, Red Kite, Kestrel, Sparrow Hawk and recently a pair of Hobbies visited - swooping gracefully across the lake chasing the abundant dragonfly hatch.

Recommended Flies

Buzzers, Cats Whisker, Daddies, Damsels, Diawl Bach, Emergers, Goldheads, GRHE, Invicta, Mayfly, Montana, Nymphs, PTN and Sedges have all been successful.