The Tackle Shop

Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher are available from the Lodge - An ideal present for Xmas and Birthdays

Felix Farm Trout Fishery Badges

Badges are available 2.00 each from the Lodge

Great value tackle

In addition to the essentials, we stock a range of excellent value fly fishing tackle - rods, reels, starter kits, lines, backing, fly boxes, forceps, filleting kits, filleting gloves, landing nets, scissors, tackle bags, rod tubes, bass bags etc - take a look in the shop.

Huge Selection of Fly's at great prices

Ask to see our fly box which includes all the popular fly's


Small range of shirts, vests, jackets, trousers, bouancy aids, water proofs and boots held in stock.

and if you dont see it...

We can take orders for almost any item of fly fishing gear you might need. We have a  comprehensive tackle catalogue with loads of discounted rates.

For more specialist items - we always have a few special deals -  rods, reels, combinations and clothing - ask the bailiff.

Used and pre-owned tackle

Anglers regularly ask about exchanging or disposing of used tackle - Rob Barrett, the proprieter is the man to speak to.