Fly fishing for Rainbow trout at Felix Farm


Fishermans Blues talking to Daniel Blackshaw about his 10lb rainbow

Fishermans Blues talkSPORT

Inside our new fishing lodge (when we are allowed to mix)

The following video with Marina Gibson shows catch and release

PLEASE NOTE:  Felix Farm Fishery is NOT a catch and release lake





Statement from the Angling Trust: Update January 7th 2021

The Government have now formally responded to the representations

made by the Angling Trust. We have promoted the huge benefits of fishing

on individual health and wellbeing and have been able to present a case to

which the Government have listened. On this basis I am pleased to announce

that fishing will be permitted during the third national lockdown in England.

The Head of Sports Participation at DCMS confirmed the following:

“fishing is allowed as exercise so long as participants adhere to the rules on 

staying local, gathering limits, social distancing and limiting the time spent outdoors”

*This is a strictly limited resumption of LOCAL fishing and very different to how we 
have been allowed to operate since May.
*We are in a National Lockdown and this must be respected. 
*The law requires a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave your home 
or penalties will apply.
*The Government has recognised that fishing can be seen as exercise, 
which is expressly permitted under the lockdown rules, although outdoor 
recreation is not.
*Organised sporting gatherings are prohibited so no match fishing.
*The exercise is limited to once a day so no overnight fishing whatsoever.
*To remain within the law you should follow the Government’s guidance, 
and only fish locally within the district where you live. 
*If you have no local fishing available then you will have to take your daily 
exercise in other ways.

We are once again able to enjoy the sport we love at a time when many others

cannot and we must ensure that every angler adheres to the rules.

This has also been confirmed by DEFRA:


CASH ONLY PLEASE. Leave your cash in an envelope next to the door

and include your full name and address. Thank you


Please Note:  The governments track & trace is now operational at the lake. 

Felix Trout Fishery Covid 19 Rules

The Lake is well stocked ... come and catch them

Opening hours are 0800hrs to 1800hrs

7 days a week

We can only accept CASH payments which should be

placed in an envelope & posted through the letter box sited

to the right of the lodge door in the cabinet, open the

plastic window & post through the letter box placing your

name/date & which ticket you purchased.

The lodge will remain closed, fishing bailiffs are on site but will

not be able to give change so please bring the correct cash payment.

2 fish ticket £30   ( on the day only )

3 fish ticket £35                    “

4 fish ticket £40                    “

Boats are £5 per head if available, maximum 2 per boat

(providing you have been in isolation together) if not 1 per boat.

Enjoy your day, remember stay safe, keep 2 metres apart

& please allow fellow anglers time to pay & leave the

lodge payment area.


What you will see on entry to the lake.

Please read carefully and stay safe


Felix Farm Trout Fishery is a long established fly fishing lake regularly stocked with hard fighting rainbows between 2lbs and 10lbs. come down & have some fun!

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Enjoy the Hunt for our BIG brown trout



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Felix Farm Springs, Howe Lane, Binfield, Berkshire, RG42 5QL

 (Rob)  07768 853449

Please note: card payments if a bailiff is there, so normally Mon,Wed,Friday,Sat,

all other days are patrolled at regular intervals,

Please can customers pay cash generally or PRE BOOK (07768 853449)



Watch the Felix Farm Video