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Corporate Day


Evolution Water 2016

  Rob presenting the winners with thier prizes for the Evolution Water Corporate Day 2016  


Corporate Day


Evolution Water 2015

Above shows the morning session, the weather was not very nice. Heavey rain      

The Afternoon session was a lot nicer the sun came out and there was no more rain. 8 trout were caught.

The pictures show the presentation of the winners and runner up for the heaviest catch


Trout Masters 2015 Competition Results


Winner Senior

2nd Place Senior
 Winner Junior





Corporate Day


Evolution Water 2014


Richard and his catch of 9 Trout. Prescentation of an Airflo Rod Starter Kit to the winner who caught the largest fish Group shot of Evolution Water people and Rob the lake owner Colin and his catch of the 2nd largest trout



Trout Masters 2014 Competition Results


Winner Senior

Winner Junior
Trout Master Competitors at the start of the competition. Virren Winner Junior Winner for 2 years running and Senior runner up Keith. Pat Campbell Winner 3 years running

Trout Masters 2013 Competition Results


Winner Senior

Winner Junior
Pat Campbell Winner 2 years running Virren Winner 2013 Virren's Catch 2 nice Rainbow Trout



Results of Fly Fishing For Heroes 15th October Competition

Winner reciving trophy from Rob the Owner

Competitors with their catches

First Place, Roger

2nd place Ian

3rd place Alan
4th place Jamie
5th place Jonny
6th place Chris
7th place Mike



Presented by Rob Barrett


Junior Teyte Smith   Senior Pat Campbell